Kit Arancini

The T’ARRICRII DIY KITS have been developed to make you live an experience of Sicilian Street Food like never before! 🎉

Kit Arancini Step 1
1 Step
Make sure the arancino is completely thawed (+ 4 °). Poor 2 or 3 Lt (depends on the size of the pan) of vegetable oil in a deep saucepan, hit and wait until the temperature controller shows 170 C°
2 Step

When the temperature is right, take one arancino per time with the help of a perforated spoon, fully immerge the arancino in the oil and let it cook for 6/8 minutes.

* We suggest you to not overload your pan with too many arancini per time, as you will lose the temperature of the oil.

** Please be very careful during this process, as the oil will be very hot and not very pleasant on the human skin as it is on the breadcrumbs!

Kit Arancini Step 2
Kit Arancini Step 3
3 Step

When the Arancini have reached the golden color, take them out of the oil, with the same perforated spoon, and let them cool down in a plate before serving.

4 Step

Cut them right in the middle for a booming picture or grab them of your favorite side and give them a well deserved bite.

Kit Arancini Step 4