Sicilian Arancini

Born to be compact, filling and greedy, it’s a rice meal stuffed, bread-crumbed and deep-fried!
Originally filled with bolognese sauce ragù, today is considered one the most popular
icon of Sicilian Street Food, invented in many variations of fillings!
Find your favourite one!!

All our Arancini are made in Sicily and contains Cheese, Celery, Gluten, Sulphites and Soy

Sicilian Panini

A selection of Panini Inspired by our Street Food Traditions and flavours

Sicilian Aperitivi

The Aperitivo is a must in Italy!
A quick catch-up with friends, some drinks and few bites…or more, to anticipate your meal!

Sicilian Dessert

The excellence of the Sicilian culinary tradition directly on your table.
The Cannolo for every Sicilian represents the spiritual connection between soul and food.
A Crispy and tasty Cannolo, filled with Ricotta cream and traditional toppings of your choice

Make it at Home

Feel Sicily from the comfort of your home.
Enjoy our kit developed to experience our traditional culinary products at their best

Kit cannoli Tarricrii

Sicilian Drinks

Several different flavours of fruit sodas made with sicilian fruits. The quality of the tradition.

Homemade Sauces