Our Traditions Mission Culture

We are two Sicilian Brothers, Riccardo and Romeo, lovers of life and interactions with an innately strong passion for our tradition and culture, which Sicily has given us.

Our mission in life is to leave every place we live, a little better than how we found it, to be happy at the end of our day, we try to provide happiness to others.

We believe that the strongest emotions we have experienced in life come mainly from food, so we thought we would make it feel to the people in our community too!

We know that Sicilian cuisine can arouse surprising emotions that you may never have experienced before.

T’arricrii, it’s time to understand what that means.

What Tarricrii means

T’arricrii is not an easy concept to be explained.

It has to be lived.

Sicilians use this word to express the psychophysical state after having enjoyed a 5-senses experience, in the majority of cases procured by food.

The best way to understand it is to taste it.

Eat Sicilian and T’arricrii.

Why Manchester

Moved from a strong necessity of research of new stimuli, we have looked at England as the New America, and many people would have chosen London, but we have seen in Manchester the right place for our ideas to be realized. 

We’ve happily discovered in not so long, that is a town in strong growth and a great sense of community.

During all this period we grew up in this town, starting from the bottom, but always bringing forward with us our dream; leave to Manchester a piece of our culture, a piece of Sicily the way we know it!

In July 2018 T’arricrii was established in Manchester, in “The Hatch”, with the mission of connecting people to Sicily providing an experience full of emotions, bite after bite as our culture has taught us innately. 

That’s why T’ARRICRII was born.

Our Staff

At T’arricrii we believe that the key to success is to put love in everything we do!  Since day one we have worked in order to provide happiness to others through our service!

We are very proud of all the people that have and are constantly operating for T’arricrii!

Our Staff is the strength we need to carry out our mission of creating a pleasant and productive environment to better serve our community in different areas!


Get in touch with us if you wish to apply to be part of our staff.

    eat different

    To truly integrate our culture with the community, in T’arricrii we develop our food offer relying on Sicilian products as well as in local suppliers, in order to offer the best and complete experience!

    We love to treat food and people with respect and care, as together they are our true source of happiness!